5 stretches to remain in shape after 50


The best thanks to spare your muscles is to form their work. Gently and with perseverance.

 The knee that pulls, the rear that creaks … With age, small muscle pains tend to become more frequent. to alleviate them, nothing like gentle stretching, inspired by yoga and Pilates. Grégoire, alias Major Mouvement on social networks, physiotherapist, and author of 10 keys to a healthy body (ed. Marabout) has selected a routine of 5 ideal exercises for you. No got to await the body to suffer to start, says the practitioner, follower of “prevention is best than cure”. Taking the time every day to perform these movements is perfect thanks to staying in shape. Getting moving is that the key to getting well.

An elongated back

 To stretch the rear, the location of the many pains, Grégoire recommends the classic “round back, hollow back” exercise. Very complete, it gently extends the lumbar, dorsal, and trapezius muscles.

Movement: on high-low-jack, hands level with shoulders, flat back: inhale deeply while hollowing your back. Push the buttocks back and lift your head. Then, exhaling, around the back by bringing the pelvis forward and tucking the top between the shoulders, and hugging the stomach.

Practice for five minutes.

Unlocked knees

 to figure this joint often suffering from osteoarthritis, here is an exercise that permits, without forcing, to strengthen the hamstring muscles.

The movement: sitting on the sting of a chair, back straight, feet on the ground: very slowly, raise one leg horizontally, exhale, and are available backtrack. Alternate with the opposite leg.

Repeat on all sides about ten times.

Movable hips

 take care, if you’ve got a hip prosthesis, ask your doctor that you simply can perform this exercise which helps relax the joint, which is extremely stressed and also often susceptible to osteoarthritis.

The movement: lying on your back, arms at your sides: straighten one leg and perform ten small rotations, gently. Alternate with the opposite leg.

To be repeated several times.

A relaxed neck

 Here again, we favor softness. no doubt of rushing his body, even less when it involves the cervical, sensitive area par excellence.

Movements: standing, head straight. Turn slowly to the left first then to the proper. Take some time and take a deep breath. To be repeated ten times. Then gently lower your head down, chin on the brink of your chest, and lift to let it fall gently backward. To be repeated ten times. Finally, tilt your head to the left, trying to bring the ear closer to the shoulder. Hold ten seconds. Then an equivalent on the proper.

Loose shoulders

 Inspired by yoga and therefore the sun salutation position, this exercise aims to stretch the deltoid, rhomboid, and spine muscles.

The movement: standing, fingers intertwined, and palms facing the sky: extend your spine the maximum amount as possible, as if you were reaching for the ceiling. Hold the position for an honest ten seconds.

To be repeated ten times.


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