Brisk walking: 3 exercises to warm-up


Endurance physical activity, brisk walking allows you to burn calories, build muscle and maintain good health. But to get the full benefits and avoid injury, warming up and properly preparing your body for the effort is essential.

 Warming up of the back

 Because back pain is recurrent in seniors, it is important to protect it and warm it up before any physical activity. For this first exercise, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees a little and contract your abdominal muscles. Place your hands on your hips, and rotate your torso while keeping your back straight. Plan about ten circles in one direction, then as many in the other direction.

Warming up of shoulders and neck

 Continue by engaging the upper body. Place your arms at your sides and draw small circles with your shoulders forwards (30 seconds of exercise) and then backward (30 seconds also). Continue by making larger and larger circles. For the back of your neck, move your head successively to the right and left, then forward and back, keeping your body straight.

Warming up of the ankles

 Last step before moving on to brisk walking: stay in an upright position but stand on one leg while maintaining a position that you feel comfortable in so that you can maintain your balance. Then point the tip of your suspended foot towards the ground and release your ankle as much as possible. When you feel your ankle relaxed, make large, slow circles with your foot so that your ankle rotates. When your movement reaches the top of the circle, keep the toe of your shoe raised towards the sky. Plan about fifteen circles, then repeat the maneuver for your other foot.

These 3 exercises should be done one after the other, taking your time, and never forcing.


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