Eat 5 Fruits & vegetables per day for a Good health


Fruits & vegetables: at least 5 per day, for example, 3 servings of vegetables and 2 fruits

Or 4 vegetables and 1 fruit … If you eat less, be aware that even slightly increasing your consumption of vegetables and fruit is good for your health. The ideal is to alternate between fruits and vegetables, to diversify the varieties, and to integrate them as often as possible in your recipes: gratins, savory or sweet pies …

And what is a serving?

This is the equivalent of 80-100 grams, for example, a medium-sized tomato, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 1 handful of green beans, 1 bowl of soup, 1 apple, 2 apricots, 4-5 strawberries, 1 banana…

Why eat fruits and vegetables?

Because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and because their beneficial effect on health has been shown. They have a protective role in the prevention of diseases appearing in adulthood, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes … Last but not least, they offer an incredible variety of flavors, all that it takes to combine health and pleasure.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to consume a small handful of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, unsalted almonds, and pistachios, etc.) per day, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and in particular in omega 3 for which is nuts.

How to eat fruits and vegetables?

In all their forms: fresh, frozen, canned, cooked or raw … and also in the form of compotes (homemade or preferably “without added sugar”), soups …

Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are often cheaper and tastier, and those produced locally. If you can, choose organic fruits and vegetables.

Watch out for false friends!

Fruit juices, whatever they are, are very sweet and low in fiber. If you drink it, it is recommended that you do not consume more than one glass per day and instead take a squeezed fruit.

As for dried fruits – dates, raisins, dried apricots, etc., if you like them, you can eat them but occasionally because they are very sweet.

Fruit yogurt or a fruit cookie does not count as a serving of fruit! There are very few fruits in their composition.


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