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6 Foods which may Cause Arthritis and Cancer

You might be wondering how we will lump together foods that cause cancer and foods that cause arthritis, but the reality is that growing evidence shows a robust link between the 2 diseases. The common thread is chronic inflammation, and there are certain sorts of foods that fuel it.

Arthritis, of course, maybe a condition that causes chronic inflammation within the joints. Multiple studies have shown that folks with atrophic arthritis are twice as likely to develop lymphoma than people without it.

Researchers think that the balance of bacteria within the gut, which is directly suffering from the diet, maybe think about the event of arthritis. Then the chronic inflammation and lower activity level related to arthritis weakens the system and may cause the event of cancer.

Of course, arthritis isn’t a necessary tread on the thanks to cancer, and diet may be a major thing about the incidence of this disease also. So while it’s a crucial link to think about, remember that avoiding the subsequent sorts of foods is vital for overall health. Chronic inflammation is linked to virtually every disease known to man.

1. Processed meat

Processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, and luncheon meat offer a double-punch of disease risk. Saturated fat tends to cause inflammation, while preservative nitrates and nitrites are directly linked to cancer.

High cooking temperatures related to these meats also create byproducts that will end in swollen and painful joints, and once you get those tasty char marks on food, a carcinogenic chemical called acrylamide develops. Some studies indicate that often consuming charred meat can increase your risk of carcinoma by a gut-churning 60%.

2. Refined carbs

Refined grains represent empty calories as they need to be processed so heavily that each one of the first health values within the whole grain is gone. Foods like flour tortillas, light bread, and food deliver an attempt of refined carbs to your system that spikes your blood glucose and inflammation at an equivalent time.

Spiking blood glucose increases the extent of inflammatory cytokines in your bloodstream, exacerbating arthritis pain. And sugar is cancer’s favorite fuel, making it easier for the disease to spread. Switching to whole grain bread, cereal, rice, and pasta will make an enormous difference in the health of your gut biome.

3. Hydrogenated oils

In another strike against commercial food, the presence of hydrogenated oil has been found to extend the danger of both cancer and arthritis. the rationale may be a hearty dose of omega-6 carboxylic acid. While we do need some omega-6 in our diet, the goal is to properly balance the extent of omega-3 to omega-6. We require way less omega-6 than omega-3 to realize this balance, but often get more of it.

Almost all processed foods contain a least a touch little bit of hydrogenated oil, with the worst offenders being crackers, cookies, bread, and cakes. you’ll avoid hydrogenated oil by home cooking with olive, soy, or vegetable oil, alternatively simply avoiding most of those products.

4. Salt

Salt is a crucial nutrient that we can’t avoid all at once and stay healthy. It works in partnership with potassium to manage vital signs and kidney function. However, our Western diets contain way an excessive amount of salt because it’s packed into processed foods at a particularly high level.

Food manufacturers believe in salt because it’s a natural flavor enhancer that creates us to crave their products. Even sweet foods contain tons of salt. But overconsumption of salt has been found to boost your vital sign and increase the danger of stomach cancer. Not surprisingly, salt also can inflame the joints.

You can reduce the quantity of salt you eat by cooking reception from fresh ingredients. you’ll be surprised by how little it takes to enhance the taste of food.

5. Added sugars

Science now understands that added sugar is public enemy #1 when it involves human health. As a source of ready energy, we crave sugar naturally. But the amount at which it’s poured into our food supply now is outrageously high.

Eating an excessive amount of sugar causes advanced glycation end products (AGEs) to spike within the bloodstream. this happens when sugar interacts with protein or fat within the body. AGEs are tied to both arthritis and cancer, but also accelerated aging, diabetes, and heart condition. an excessive amount of added sugar also raises the extent of the body’s inflammatory messengers, called cytokines.

We do get to eat a particular amount of sugar every day, but only one soda contains quite the daily recommended amount. It’s best to satisfy your appetite with fruit because the sugar is delivered alongside other nutrients and fiber to manage the speed at which the sugar hits your bloodstream.

6. Dairy Products

And finally, dairy products are a kind of food that will or might not increase your risk of arthritis and cancer. It depends tons on your physiology. Milk, alongside other foods made up of milk, contains a particular sort of protein that will irritate the joints. However, it doesn’t equivalently affect everyone.

Dairy is additionally linked to a rise in prostatic adenocarcinoma but a decrease in colorectal cancer. And dairy products do offer significant health benefits because they contain protein and calcium. within the end, you’ll want to moderate your intake of dairy but not eliminate it all at once, unless you discover that it causes you to feel uncomfortable.


We are only starting to understand the link between arthritis and cancer because it pertains to our diets. But we all know that eating well is that the key to a healthy life. Avoiding these seven sorts of food can lower your risk of developing many sorts of diseases.

Thankfully, it doesn’t mean that you simply can never enjoy the delicious belongings you crave. the simplest thanks to cut out the surplus is to cook home versions of your favorite foods.

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