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Should You Donate Breast Milk?

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Whoever coined the term “Don’t cry over spilled milk” never knocked over a bottle of precious breast milk that has been painstakingly expressed from weary, swollen bosoms at 3 am.

Any mom who has ever struggled together with her milk supply knows what proportion work and love enter each bottle of breast milk. Containing the right combination of calories and nutrition, human milk is probably the foremost magical liquid within the world. it’s filled with antibodies, fat, and protein to fight infection and help with babies’ brain development.

Unfortunately, not all moms are ready to produce the milk their babies need at birth. In most cases, formula can function a passable substitute, except for at-risk infants, the precise benefits of breast milk are especially needed. Thankfully, many hospitals and communities now collect donated breast milk to feed these especially vulnerable babies.

The idea of feeding your baby with what’s technically another woman’s bodily fluids could seem a touch odd, but the milk is carefully pasteurized and screened for disease.

Babies that the majority enjoy donated breast milk:

Premature babies – Our most vulnerable babies are those born early, before all their systems are fully developed. These tiny preemies are in danger for infection and wish the immune boosting properties in breast milk.
Babies of diabetic moms – Babies born to diabetic moms often have trouble controlling their own blood supplemented with formula, if their mom cannot produce milk as quickly as they have it. If donated breast milk is out there , it are often used instead.
Babies fighting infections – All babies in neonatal medical care , but especially those fighting life-threatening illnesses can enjoy the added benefits of human milk.
Adopted babies – While some adopted mothers are ready to produce some breast milk by taking special hormones, the bulk aren’t . Adopted parents are extremely thankful once they are ready to use donated breast milk so their babies can get the various benefits of human milk.

Women who might consider donating breast milk:

Women with excess supply – While some women struggle with their milk supply, others need to buy a second freezer to store their excess. for ladies who are lactationally blessed, donating their extra milk to a milk bank may be a fantastic thanks to help babies in need.
Women whose babies can’t drink their milk thanks to an allergy – Some women are within the frustrating situation of getting an infant with a newly diagnosed allergy and a stash of breast milk that their baby now can’t use.
Women who have lost their baby – there’s perhaps no greater pain for a mother than the loss of their child. Over the years, I even have had a couple of patients who chose to offer a beautifully selfless gift. After losing an infant, they need continued to pump their breast milk and donate to the local milk bank. this is often not the trail for everybody , but women i do know who have done this found a way of purpose in having the ability to assist others through their loss.

If you’d wish to donate your breast milk, you’ll search for the closest milk bank or donation site at The Human Milk Banking of North America website. These are nonprofit milk banks, and that they are expensive to work . So, sadly, many nations don’t have their own milk banks. If your state doesn’t have a milk bank, you’ll donate to banks in other states. And if you would like to support milk banks but don’t have excess breast milk, you’ll make a monetary donation instead.

Keep in mind that milk is typically not accepted from donors who:

Drink alcohol daily
Take certain Medications or herbal therapies
Use illegal drugs
Have HIV-positive sexual partners

Milk banks truly make a difference within the lives of our tiniest, most vulnerable babies. If you discover yourself with extra breast milk, please consider contacting a milk bank and making a donation.

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