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8 Popular foods you shouldn’t eat after the expiration date

8 foods you shouldn’t eat after the expiration date

Some foods can be eaten after the best before date on the package. Others should be thrown away. Here is a short guide.

Daily, it is important that each of us can do something, even if it is very small, to reduce food waste. This includes not systematically throwing away food that has reached or exceeded its minimum durability date (MDD) and its use-by date (BBD). Some foods remain perfectly edible as long as neither their appearance, nor their taste, nor their texture has been altered by time. On the other hand, other foods must be thrown away once the expiration date is reached. If you eat them, you may well get sick. Find out which ones we are talking about.

Red meat

this food you shouldn’t eat after the expiration date general when red meat is no longer good, it lets you know. It gradually turns a brownish color that is not very appealing and becomes slimy on the surface. Then the smell changes and becomes nauseating. This is true for a piece of rump steak as well as for ground meat. The latter requires twice as much attention. If you bought it at the supermarket, you have more leeway since it can be refrigerated and even frozen to keep it longer. On the other hand, if you got it in a butcher shop, you have a maximum of 12 hours to consume your red meat before it is lost. If, despite its dubious appearance and smell, you still want to take the risk, be aware that you risk food poisoning, or even a bacterial infection such as salmonella or listeria because not all bacteria will die during cooking. So when in doubt, throw it out.

*Note that this also applies to poultry, which should be discarded as soon as it becomes discolored and starts to smell bad.