How to relieve sciatica pain?

Sciatica is the medical term for a type of back pain caused by the sciatic nerve. This is the most common type of back pain.

Sciatica pain is one of the most unbearable pains there is. As the name suggests, it is a pain that affects the sciatic nerve. This pain can, in particular, extend from the lower back to the leg and sometimes even to the toes. But if it hurts so much, how can we relieve it? Here are some tips to help loosen the sciatic nerve.


When a crisis occurs, the first reflex to adopt is to go to rest. The harder you try, the more likely you will make the situation worse. Therefore, try to spare yourself and go to rest. In this sense, avoid leaning too far forward and making movements that could increase the pain. Even dispense with housekeeping if necessary.

You must take into account that rest is essential when you are facing a crisis. The more you move, the more likely you will make the situation worse. In this case, get someone to help you. And above all, do not play any sport. Also, to relieve pain, you can use heat. Place a hot water bottle or heating patches on the painful area. A two-day rest is strongly advised if a crisis appears.

Good habits

To relieve sciatica pain, you can practice physical activity regularly if it is still bearable. Particularly, walking or cycling can help unblock the sciatic nerve. More explicitly, the more you strengthen your muscles and your abdominal belt, the more you will decompress the sciatic nerve. Thus, you will relax the muscles around the nerve in question.

You should practice physical activity only during non-crisis periods. In addition, you can also do stretching for pain relief. But still, you must adopt good habits if you want to relieve sciatica pain. To do this, sleep on your back with your legs slightly raised and avoid sleeping on your stomach; always stand up straight, avoid crossing your legs when sitting, etc.

Natural remedies

There are natural remedies to relieve sciatica pain. Among these remedies, we can talk about plants like arnica or chamomile. These plants will, in particular, act to fight inflammation and pain. The ideal would therefore be to have a massage with these essential oils. Some herbs also come as an ointment that you can apply to the painful area.

However, other plants are in the form of capsules or herbal teas. In this case, you can directly consume them. Harpagophytum is, in particular, an anti-inflammatory plant that can be used in the form of a capsule. It is an effective natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. However, before consuming these capsules, it is strongly recommended to consult the advice of a doctor.

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