This Is Exactly What The Behavior Of Your Dog Really Means

There are some dog behaviors that you must be able to recognize and deal with. If you want to raise a dog that is well-behaved, you need to understand how to deal with these behaviors.

Dogs see the world through different lenses. However, they also use their bodies to communicate. Do you want to know what your puppy is thinking at all times? If so, keep reading to figure out what they have on their minds! We bet that you will find something shocking on this list. The days when we confuse their actions are long gone.

Like any other animal, dogs give out body signals and sounds that express their intentions. How people communicate and decipher these signals vary from how they treat their pets. Dogs can either use passwords to showcase their love and affection, or they can showcase their aggression and hate. Either way, knowing the basics can help you in any case.

On Hind Legs

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A few possibilities exist if your dog gets up on their hind legs. Mostly, they do this to show affection. Like us, they want a hug now and then. With other dogs, they might be doing it to display their playfulness—nothing to worry about as long as they are not growling or aggressive.

Generally speaking, should they wish to get your attention, they would most likely get on their hind legs and smile at you. The cutest form of hind legs is from small dogs as they do it with hops to get your attention so they can get some cuddles. If they growl and show their teeth with anger, you may want to think about hugging them.

Furniture Chewing

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Pups have a habit of chewing on things during the teething phase. It does not mean the same thing when they are not puppies anymore. There is a chance that they need to get more physical activity. One way to treat the issue would be to take your dog for a walk. Since they see the same scene every day without variation, they turn their attention to your furniture.

With all their energy, it’s best to take them for a walk to release that energy, and they get tuckered out by the time you guys get home. Once drained, they won’t have the power to chew on your furniture. You can also get them treats and chew toys recommended by your vet to let them release their energy there too.

How They Bark

Dogs bark for a lot of reasons. Loud and frequent barks will mean there is an urgent issue. Maybe they could feel danger lurking and want you to know about it. Short and soft ones, however, tell that they think playful. Loud barks could mean they feel in pain, so pay attention to them.

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Non-dog owners can’t decipher if their dog’s bark, but if you understand the breed and sound, you can quickly tell what they are barking about. Most of their barks would be at random or strange objects and people. Dogs are better at getting to know the things around them so they won’t startle or disturb them.

Bringing You Toys

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A theory says that this is their way of pleasing their human. They want your respect since you are the alpha. It might be that they want to show you their trust. They trust you so much that they want you to have their prized object. For this reason, you might hurt their feelings if you throw the ball away! Your dog might not want to play even if its toy is in its mouth.

Dogs are pretty much like cats with this course of action. They love their toys just as much as they love their owner so ensure that you give them the same energy they give you. If they offer you a toy or their favorite toy, you may want to consider giving them praise and attention before throwing it for them to play with.

When Dogs Yawn

We, humans, yawn when we feel tired or bored. Dogs yawn when they feel secure and safe as an act of submission. A dog that yawns 15 times is a relaxed one. However, they might do it to show stress, nervousness, or anticipation. They can yawn frequently, but you may want to take them to the vet for safety precautions if they do it too much.

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They might get to it to keep their excitement in check when they know you are about to go for a walk! Of course, they do it to show their exhaustion sometimes too. In the general sense, yawns showcase the same message as humans do: all animals yawn, and it’s normal. You might as well adore it when they do it since they are adorable in the act.

Like A Caterpillar

We are always happy to see our dog kick up their legs and then wiggle on their back. How adorable! Sometimes, they will do this to scratch some itch. However, they might be doing this to catch your attention. If this happens, you should give them a great dose of love! It’s a form of act that showcases how they want to be noticed.

Most of the time, when dogs rub their body on the ground as they approach you, it’s usually because they are itchy. Often it means they need attention. Either way, they want you to notice them and give them a scratch from here and there, and they will be thrilled with happiness and love.

Sleeping Beside You

You should not be offended if your dog ignores their dog bed and lays down by your side. Your dog wants to be close to its master. This is quite a big compliment! They got this from their ancestors, who roamed in packs and slept beside one another for warmth and security.

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If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, dogs are sometimes the best snuggler. They always want to be by your side, and sleeping with you is also one of their ways to express their love language. They keep you warm and safe and make you feel like you aren’t alone because, let’s face it, when you get a dog, you will never be alone again.

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