What hairstyles to adopt for a mature woman?

Short and sleek can be an easy and simple look to achieve, but you need to know the right products to make your hair look perfect. Learn the best products to use and how to style yours.

A beautiful hairstyle can make your face glow for years, even decades. This is because it helps to hide wrinkles, to redefine the features of your jaws, and even to highlight your cheekbones. You can hide your age without spending much money on plastic surgery. These 60 chic hairstyles will help you choose the best look.

1. The Edgy Short Cut

Have you always wanted to have a hairstyle that makes you look relaxed? Well, this hairstyle is for you. The Edgy Short Cut is one of the hairstyles that is suitable for all walks of life. You can always try it.

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With this hairstyle, you won’t look too serious or too casual. However, a hairstyle will make you look a bit younger. So this is a hairstyle made for you because very few people want to age. To make the shortcut stand out, go for styling products that give you definition and shine while keeping your hair color in one tone.

2. Bob A-line blunt

Some hairstyles stand up to the vagaries of time and the fad. This is the case with the blunt A-line Bob cut. These hairstyles are recommended for people like you because they will always allow you to look young.

the rock with hair

Despite the years and seasons it has been through; the blunt A-line bob haircut is still one of the most popular hairstyles. Many women like it because this hairstyle helps hide some imperfections on the face. You might not know it, but it will keep your face looking refined. You will therefore always be resplendent,  no worries about it.

3. The angled bob

Instead of hiding the contours of your face like most women, do you want to highlight certain parts of your beautiful face? No problem. This hairstyle is ideal for you.

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This haircut has to be among the best you can wear. This is because it will restore your face’s tightness and less sagging appearance. It is a hairstyle that will allow you to focus the eyes of others on the parts of your face that you will have highlighted. And yes, if you want to highlight your chin and upper cheekbones, this hairstyle is perfect for that.

4. Wispy bangs

The angled bob is not the only hairstyle that can help you highlight certain parts of your face. Other cuts that roughly have the same effect include the so-called wispy bangs.

easy hairstyles for long hair

One of the major advantages of this new look highlighted here is that it will allow you to look a little younger. It is known that from a certain age, one slowly begins to lose the radiance of her face. To avoid this, some haircuts can help you. However, it would help if you avoided heavy, straight cuts, which can accentuate your age.

5. Chin length layers

You have a wide range of haircuts that you can go for to look a little younger. If the above cuts aren’t for you, try chin-length layers.

easy hairstyles for long hair

This hairstyle is perfect for making you look younger without making you look like a teenage girl. It comprises beautiful, subtle layers that will frame your face. Rest assured, there will be no jagged edges. The curl and extra volume at the top keep this hairstyle fresh and stylish. Allow yourself to be tempted by this haircut, y or won’t be disappointed.

6. Short Edgy Bob

Are you fed up with always having your hair sticking up? Want a change of style? Here is a haircut that may very well meet your expectations. This is the Edgy short bob. What is it about?

easy hairstyles for long hair

The edgy short bob is a cute haircut. It is full of peculiarities. Indeed, the edgy short bob will allow you to refresh your fine hair. When styled with hair product and tousled, the choppy ends of the thin strands bounce on top of each other, creating an illusion of a fuller body and better texture.

7. A mixed pixie cut

When you reach a certain age, your hair color changes. The hair often tends to sport a gray tint, and it isn’t easy to find the right haircut. Here is an example of a cut made for you.

easy hairstyles for long hair

You can go for the mixed pixie. And yes, the hair color doesn’t matter with the right fairy. What matters is that the hairstyle is done properly. The fairy will then make you look young and gorgeous. Soft, seamless layers without the edges of many pixie cuts open your face and make you look carefree but confident. Indulge!

8. An elegant blonde

It is a hairstyle that works best for certain types of people. Indeed, the elegant blonde cut is made for people who are blond at the base. But it’s not just these people. 

easy hairstyles for long hair

While not for everyone, the sleek blonde cut offers many advantages. It is, for example, a great way to rejuvenate. Remember that blonde women generally look younger than their age. Why not like her, since you want to stay beautiful, pretty, and young? It is not very complicated. If you try it, you will adopt it and make it one of your favorite hairstyles.

9. Cropped haircut

Even in your 50s, you don’t always have to hide the wrinkles on your face to look as pretty as you would want. To look younger, you need to hide the wrinkles even less.

easy hairstyles for long hair

You can choose to highlight certain points on your face. Old age is not inevitable, imagine. So be relaxed and try this haircut that is highly recommended for you. The cropped haircut will spruce up your look if you don’t know. This cut will add a soft touch by using subtle blonde highlights. Above all, it will allow you to reveal your magnificent smile.

10. The blonde explosion

This is another hairstyle with blond hair. And yes, this hair shade gives you many cuts you can choose from. And like those mentioned above, they will reveal the splendor of your face.

easy hairstyles for long hair

Sexy and attractive, this bob haircut with the most subtle pop of color is one of our favorites. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it has very few restrictions. Whether at work, at a fancy party, or elsewhere, you can wear this hairstyle dressy or casual. Overall, it’s a classy look. And if you try it, you will see that it looks better on you than on other cuts.

11. Messy blunt cut

Want to cover some parts of your face? Here is a hairstyle that will help you with that. This is the messy blunt cut. It’s a cut that will also keep you looking pretty.

easy hairstyles for long hair

It is a hairstyle that will allow you to indulge in many of its variations. The blunt cut with messy layers adds youthful jubilance to your face. It is a quick hairstyle to style and can be styled in many different ways. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this haircut can be easily processed if you have the right quality products.

12. Layered bob

It’s an ideal cut to cover your cheekbones, but the layered bob will also allow you to highlight a good part of your face to bring out the glow. Give it a try.

easy hairstyles for long hair

Choose a color that complements your natural hair color for the best results. Women who wear hair that goes down to their shoulders still look rather young. However, adding a pop of color to it will make you look even more vibrant and energetic. Why not experiment with this cut? You will see that it is much more practical.

13. Stacked Bob

Do you need to make a geometric shape with your hairstyle? No problem. You can achieve this if you go for the stacked bob. It is very convenient for you.

No other hairstyle can give you precise geometric shapes like the stacked bob. However, the soft and varied lines of the haircut ensure that your look is no less than charming. A light tease at the roots adds volume and an airy note to your hair. There is nothing more exciting than such a cut. So it would be a shame for you not to try it.

14. Soft and short curls

When you have curly hair, you might be embarrassed about the different cuts you need to adopt to look pretty. Well, don’t worry, ma’am. There is a very simple cut that will meet your expectations.

This is the haircut called soft and short curls. It’s a hairstyle that doesn’t put a lot of restrictions on you. So you can rock your natural curls whatever the occasion with this short curly hairstyle. Just add a few defining or texturizing hair products; go for glowing skin and rosy makeup and enjoy your gorgeous look.

15. Short and sexy curls

Curls are a great option for covering apples and some face areas. But with the short and sexy curls, there’s no guarantee that’s the case. They have some peculiarities.

easy hairstyles for long hair

This haircut first highlights the radiance of your face. It is not made to cover the apples on your face. No, it’s the opposite. Sometimes she reveals them. The short, sexy curls will also bare your chin. Give it a try! In short, this hairstyle with soft curls is a feminine and romantic delight, with high levels of charm and sophistication.

16. French braid hairstyles

Have you ever thought of making French braids? Whatever your answer, you’ll need to think about it seriously. Because it is a rather simple but chic hairstyle.

It’s no secret that we love French braid hairstyles; nothing enhances your weekend hair game like a chic French braid. This is one of the easiest and most aesthetic braids to master, and once you get the hang of it, there are endless looks to create. From this moment, the French braids will be one of your favorite hairstyles, your hairstyle par excellence.

17. Long and straight locks with bangs

Finally, let’s talk about it! It has always been the hairstyle of all time. It often restores a certain radiance to the face. If you want to look younger than you are, then try this hairstyle. Fringe.

easy hairstyles for long hair

You might not know that bangs aren’t meant for a specific period. They can be worn at all times. So you don’t have to worry about the periodicity. With long layers and bangs, this cute hairstyle flatters every face. The long layers add lightness to the style, and the bangs soften the hair around the cheekbones. With highlights in the right places, the style can shine.

18. Straight blonde hair

This hairstyle is one of those that does not correspond to a specific age and can be worn at any time. Straight blonde hair has few constraints. Why should you wear it?

easy hairstyles for long hair

It is an exceptional hairstyle, mainly because it is not for any specific age. No matter how old you are, you can wear it and look gorgeous. On top of that, this haircut is timeless. Do not deprive yourself of it! Make a sleek middle part, long, subtle layers, and go for the best moisturizers to keep your locks as smooth as possible. Please d

19. Bob cropped

It’s not just straight blonde hair that is timeless. Many other haircuts don’t know the constraints of time. This is precisely the case with the “cropped bob” hairstyle.

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It is a hairstyle that gives you a lot of ease, and you should go for hairstyles like this because they are easy to wear and don’t force you to change them at a certain time of the year to be fashionable. This hairstyle is alluring, charming, and timeless while also bringing out your features and shedding years off your face!

20. Long wavy locks

Do you want to be shiny while remaining modern? Here is a hairstyle that can be perfect for you: it involves long wavy locks.

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This is the best hairstyle that will meet your expectations. Long wavy locks are the way to go when you want to look alluring yet fresh and modern at the same time, with just a touch of romance. Pair your glam locks with a center part; you will look at least five years younger. So, do not deprive yourself of this hairstyle which can completely redo your look.

21. The wavy bob

It must still be recognized that the peculiarity of bob hairstyles is that they make you look a little younger. Still, these hairstyles aren’t made for a specific age. So give them a try!

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These are hairstyles that look complicated, it’s true. But when your goal is to rejuvenate, it might be better to go through the trouble. The wavy bob always looks sophisticated and chic no matter how old you are, so do not be terrified by the few difficulties this hairstyle can pose. Especially think that once you have it on your head, you will look a little less than your actual age.

22. The Shape-Changing Bob

You already know it. Square bob hairstyles allow you to rejuvenate the look of your face no matter how old you are. And if you’ve tried several bobs, here’s a model that might interest you.

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It is usually called a chameleon haircut. This is because it is more practical than the others and can make you face young again in a short time. It’s not very complicated to achieve this bob that changes shape. You must part your hair to the left and have an even, angled bob. Then part to the right, and you get an instant asymmetrical cut.

23. Full bangs

Whether you are young or old, this hairstyle is for you. Like other hairstyles, full bangs have very few restrictions. You should also know that the hairstyle is suitable for any face shape.

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These flattering and versatile chunky bangs suit different hair lengths, as they suit various face shapes and hair types. Stylists seem to agree that adding a full set of bangs will make you look younger instantly. You should also know that with this hairstyle, there is no problem with the hair

24. The chic up-do with thick bangs

You can adapt the chip with rather thick bangs among the many hairstyles. It is a hairstyle that will enhance your face. It also helps to accentuate your gauze.

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A new set of chunky bangs can do wonders for your look, especially when paired with loose waves. This style is flattering, unmistakably chic, and versatile for various occasions. So you can go for this hairstyle when you want to look young and beautiful simultaneously. It will suit you well, so be reassured, dear madam!

25. Long and messy curls

This hairstyle might not be as straightforward as you imagine. Don’t be fooled by the adjectives “messy” attributed to it. Remember, it’s a hairstyle, first and foremost. So it requires some treatment of your hair.

2 strand twist dreads

This foolproof hairstyle has been popular for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. The styled look needs to be accompanied by natural makeup and warm tones in your hair, with cascading waves. You have certainly seen another woman wearing it. What if you did the same hairstyle? You will see that maybe this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

26. Short pixie cut

As you can well imagine, this hairstyle is not going to accentuate the features on your face at all. It is the contrary. Since everyone wants to look younger, this is one of the best options for you.ADVERTISEMENTS

2 strand twist dreads

The short pixie cut will accentuate your facial features. If it rejuvenates you with its thinner edges, the short pixie cut will bare your cheekbones, chin, and part of your forehead. She does not fully disclose it. If you have the right bone structure, a pixie cut can make you look years younger and stylish. Plus, it’s really easy to maintain.

27. Blonde inverted bob

As the name suggests, the inverted bob works best for blond people. It is a cut that will cover just a part of your face but will allow you to achieve the desired effect.ADVERTISEMENTS

two strand twist locs

This inverted bob is a stylish hairstyle for those with naturally wavy locks. Indeed, this cut requires a little more maintenance than others. You have to be able to devote a few minutes to it from time to time, always to be stylish. Layers stacked at the back create a voluminous style. You can add blonde highlights to spice up the whole look.

28. Layered haircut with curly ends

It is a cut that suits people of a certain age, more precisely, women who have reached their fifties or even more. You can try it.

two strand twist locs

You can still be beautiful, pretty, and even attractive despite your age. But you have to choose the right haircut, and that’s what this is. Hairstyles for older women don’t have to be boring, for example, this long, crisp cut. Natural layers with curly ends look both stylish and relaxed. So do yourself a favor!

29. Standing Pixie

You are proud of your maturity and do not seek to look younger than your age. You are just looking for a hairstyle that will make you look nice and pretty with your wrinkles, if you have any.

curtains hairstyle

Try the standing pixie cut. A standing pixie cut is one of the best styles to try for older women. To achieve this, cut your hair short at the crown and the back while leaving the long bangs in the front to flatter your face. Then apply styling wax to define the shortest layers. When you’ve done that, there’s nothing more to add, just a little daily maintenance.

30. Cute little curls

It appears a bit like the pixie cut we talked about above. It highlights the different parts of your face. And as you can well imagine, such a cut is not made to cover the cheekbones and the like.

curtains hairstyle

When you’re old, you have silver hair. This haircut will allow you to highlight your silver hair, and it’s a great experience to enjoy. This haircut with lush silver curls at the crown also makes you stand out from the crowd. You can pair it with shiny earrings to enhance your overall look.

31. Choppy pixie cut

Another haircut is made for a lady in her fifties or more, which will allow you to rejuvenate a bit. This might not be ideal for you if you are too proud of your age.

What hairstyles look exceptional in older women? _51
curtains hairstyle

Indeed, if the Choppy Pixie Cut is a favorite among older women, it is for a good reason. Layers all over the cut give your hair a lot of body and volume.  Plus, the messy short bangs make you look young and playful. So just because you are in or over fifty doesn’t mean you will avoid this haircut. After all, you have the right to look beautiful.

32. Textured bob

It is a hairstyle characterized by its ability to create an illusion. Unlike hairstyles that highlight your age, this hairstyle will tend to make you look younger.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _52
easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Want a cute and youthful hairstyle that is also easy to maintain? This textured body is for you. Another feature of this cut? It creates an illusion of volume in the most natural way possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are proud of your maturity; know that it is adadvantageousyou to look a little younger because it will allow you to be more beautiful.

33. Lush Lob

Want to look natural and beautiful with your hair? Well, try the Lush Lob cut. But you should know it is better suited for people with red hair.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _53
easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

Be proud of your natural curls and let them flow freely, achieving a medium-length bob. For this, you must have hair that is of a certain length. If not, your hairstyle will not be as perfect as you expect. And you may even get the opposite effect. However, we advise you to adopt this hairstyle if you like to have thick hair.

34. Bun with side bangs

It is a hairstyle that is suitable not only for young people but also for mature people. If you are in the latter case, madam, do not hesitate to try it.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _54
easy hairstyles for naturally curly hair

It is a rather chic hairstyle. A low bun with a side-bang haircut will make you look young and stylish. Thanks to side bangs, part of your face will be covered, while the other side without bangs will not. However, be aware that it will highlight your cheekbone and chin. You can elevate this look by adding dynamic highlights.

35. Top Knot Bun

It is a hairstyle that will allow you to cover your forehead. If yours is as big as singer Rihanna’s, that would be a plus. But be aware that it will show your chin.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _55
medium length naturally curly hairstyles

Keep your face flatteringly framed with long bangs while keeping your hair completely out of your neck using a chunky high bun. It will instantly take years off your face. You will then look younger and, of course, prettier than you were. Do not deprive yourself of such a hairstyle. She might turn out to be the best fit for your age.

36. Asymmetric style

Neatly raised hair is best for women in positions of responsibility. And this hairstyle is best suited for women who have already reached a certain age.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _56
medium length naturally curly hairstyles

All of this is going to unveil that feminine and sexy feel that you have. Still called the asymmetrical style, this hairstyle will allow you to get subtle golden waves associated with straight locks tucked behind the ear. You should know that men find it difficult to resist this haircut. It is best suited to blonde hair. That doesn’t mean that you can’t try it because you have different hair colors.

37. Long blonde straight hair with bangs

Who Said Mature Women Can’t Choose Long Straight Hair? Even at your age, you have every right to look good and pretty. Beauty has no age; just imagine!

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _57
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If you can’t find the right hairstyle, you may go for long blonde straight hair with bangs. Indeed, a long blonde straight hairstyle with bangs that frame the face can make you look young and carefree. Be reassured, all the same, she won’t make you look like a teenager! So you can go ahead and try it.

38. Tousled hair with curtain bangs

Want a haircut that hangs over your shoulders, but you don’t know what to do with your hair? You can always try the tousled haircut with curtain bangs.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _58
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This hairstyle is flattering for round and oval faces. Long bangs extend to the eyes’ outer corner and highlight your cheekbones. Loose curls naturally over your shoulder bring out your beauty and elegance. In addition, you don’t worry about the age requirement. This hairstyle is suitable for both young and old alike. You are therefore entitled to wear it.

39. Short curls

You often can’t find suitable cuts when you have African hair, especially if you want to keep your hair natural. Luckily, there is a cut that can look good on you.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _59
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Do you have curly hair and don’t know what hairstyle to adopt? You don’t need to worry anymore. The short curl haircut might just be the best hairstyle for you. This hairstyle is a great choice if you want to try something bold and fresh. Try it before you think of another. You will determine whether or not it suits you. 

40. Waves With Piece-y Bangs

Do you want to have long hair while keeping yourself fresh? Here is a haircut that may suit you well. This is the Waves With Piece-y Bangs.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _60
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The Wave With Piece-y Bangs is a hairstyle made primarily for mature women. However, if you are still young, you can also try doing it. After all, this haircut won’t make you look older than you are. For older people, this hairstyle will have a rejuvenation effect. Soft waves with piece-y bangs create a playful yet sophisticated look. Cool off with this gorgeous hairstyle!

41. Shoulder length haircut with straight ends

Do you want a fashion hairstyle that will give you a perfectly relaxed look and allow you to take a few years of your age? Try the shoulder-length haircut with straight ends.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _61
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This is because the shoulder-length haircut with straight ends is a medium-length bob. It has a tousled style and straight ends that will allow you to shed the few years that are making you a little old. Be aware that this style is not just for people of a certain age. It is ideal for people of all ages. You can always add a bright blonde color to finish the look.

42. Dark Rooted Bob

You can make your hairstyle modern well. As you can see, bob hairstyles are best suited for women already in their 50s or over. However, there are several possibilities for you, ma’am.

What hairstyles look exceptional in older women? _62
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Madam, you know that it is not enough to wear a bob to be satisfied. Being one of the most popular hairstyles for mature women, some bobs need updates to match the modernity of the times. If you want your bob to become more fashionable, just darken the roots and add some light blonde highlights. This will restore the much-needed style to your hairstyle. 

43. Elegant Burgundy

Do you have shoulder-length hair and still don’t know which hairstyle can match yours? Do you want to do away with messy hair and get better-groomed hair?

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _63

You can go for the elegant burgundy cut. Why? Because you already have shoulder-length hair that perfectly matches the hair length required for this hairstyle. But, be aware that not all colors are suitable for this cut. To be stylish with your burgundy, try bright colors. If you lack inspiration, start with the color burgundy, it is superb. However, avoid doing it with blonde hair. Curls are great for medium-length hair.

44. one-length bob

The bob is a favorite for many mature women, which makes this hairstyle one of the most popular. Unfortunately, it may lack originality. But in your case, madam, be quiet.

What hairstyles look exceptional in older women? _64

Here is a bob cut that will allow you to be original. This is the one-length bob. Indeed, to make your bob less ordinary, you can simply add a balayage. Since you don’t like fancy styles, cut your ends to length and do not create bangs. Keep it clean and simple. You will not be disappointed!

45. Smoked lavender

Madam, to be beautiful, it is not necessary to comply with the constraints linked to precise coloring. With your gray hair, you can also make yourself beautiful and give your haircut a little originality.

What hairstyles look exceptional in older women? _65

Here is the smoked lavender cup! It is a haircut that requires the presence of curtain bangs. On top of that, you should have well-trimmed hair that doesn’t extend over the back of your neck. The layers are fantastic for this cute bob! Want something more? Rock this smoky lavender hair color to stand out. Of course, this will allow you to be original. Why deprive yourself of it?

46. ​​Brilliant Silver

When you get older, you can only have white hair. Instead of looking to give your hair another color, you can simply choose a simple haircut that will match the color of your locks.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _66
harry styles

Madam, find out today! White streaks are inevitable. So stop worrying about it. No more browsing through hundreds of catalogs to find cuts that suit you when you can do something simple and natural with your beautiful white hair. Cut out a timeless pixie. If you want to look a little younger, this haircut will help you do that.

47. Brown balayage with layers

You don’t have to stick to a particular shade to look good and pretty. What is important is that you want to shed some of the years that make you look overly mature. If this is so, how about trying this trendy haircut?

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _67
harry styles

It’s a haircut known as brown balayage with layers. If you don’t know, messy diapers can cost you years. Knowing that tousled hair is for a while reminiscent of the fabulous times of your youth, choose this tousled lob as long as you want to look younger. Be aware that this brown balayage makes this lob more elegant.

48. Round bob

most beautiful, you must comply with a few standards regarding shade and even the color to adopt for a chic hairstyle. If constraints aren’t a problem for you, then try this.

What hairstyles look exceptional in older women? _68
harry styles

How about a nice round bob? This haircut will surely flatter your face. But it needs very precise coloring. Indeed, it is necessary to give your hair back feathered layers and shiny blonde color. It will give you a sense of style and playful air. What else could be better for you when you want to look younger while looking as stylish as your younger ones? Indulge.

49. Stacked bob with dark roots

You crave a hairstyle that contains two shades, with only one predominating to be trendy and look a little younger than you are. Well, know that it is quite possible.

harry styles

The hairstyle called bop stacked with dark roots is the one that will meet your aspirations. For this, opt for the color beige because it will make you look fresh and young. That’s not all. You should also create enough layers at the back to increase the volume. However, keep the roots darker to finish the style and achieve the double tint effect you expect.

50. Shoulder lob

You may want shorter hair than usual when you have long hair long enough. But there is almost always a problem: which cut to choose? Here is an inspiring example.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _70
harry styles

You can cut your hair well down to the shoulders to avoid putting on long boring locks every time. But that will not be enough to give them sparkle or to unite the faces of your interlocutors and other people on your refined chin. So, it is necessary to add dark brown highlights to the blonde base to create a dimensional feel. In the final, it is a magnificent cut that will come out.

51. Fancy Waves

Craving silver shades but not sure which one to choose. Don’t worry, madam. Here is a simple but really pretty haircut just for you.

What hairstyles look exceptional in older women? _71
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This is the Fancy Waves Cup. To do this looks like it’s not as complicated as you might think. You must first have short hair. Then you create big waves on your hair. After that, you will get a style that looks great! And to top it off, you can add some silver hues. This will give you the desired look; rest assured! This haircut is not made for a specific age group.

52. Chocolate Highlights

Do you have shoulder-length hair and are still unsure which hairstyle to wear? Stop worrying, ma’am. Try the chocolate highlights cup. It might suit you better with its dark colors.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _72
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The chocolate highlights cut is a hairstyle that combines several hues. Know that this cut looks just as good on women who are not as young. And since you already have medium-length hair, you can try to create some soft curls with your locks. Then, rock some soft chocolate highlights. It is a style that will make you look alluring because it will highlight several parts of your face.

53. Fire

With short hair, you can try out several hairstyles. You just need a base in the color red, a tie, and dye / ombré that tends towards the blonde on the tips to have this cut. An example of a hairstyle you can try out is called fire.

What hairstyles look exceptional on older women? _73
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It’s a pretty interesting haircut. However, do not try to achieve this haircut yourself. You risk causing accidents in your home. It is better to go to a hair salon to let a professional do it because the locks do not necessarily have to be in one direction. The professional can create enough layers that he will style in different directions.

54. Sweet Lob

The lob is a contraction of the square cut and the long cut. It is, therefore, a long straight cut. Try it out! It can be worn in several shadesuitsuitable for you if you want it.

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This is a classic haircut from the 1920s. If it is still relevant today, you will understand it is timeless. This hairstyle will give you a je ne sais quoi of chic elegance. This soft lob haircut looks so feminine due to the long feathery layers and the light blonde hair color. Indulge! Leave the roots darker.

55. Chocolate Highlights with Curls

If you aren’t interested in straight hairstyles, try something curly. Make the curls big and round so that they look adorable and young. Chocolate highlights should be the finishing touch.

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As for the hue, it is Dark hair color, preferably the color brown. This is a color that makes you look natural. Many women prefer it to other colors because it easily blends with their skin color. Know that there are a lot of nuances that you can find in it. This chocolate brown hair color will not be far from modernity; rest assured! Most importantly, it will give you shine.

56. Messy Lob with Shadow

The headboard is still a popular choice to take years off your face. As for this one, the jagged layers and shade can surely make you look ten years younger. So go ahead and try the messy lob with the ombre.

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This is the perfect hairstyle if you are fond of cuts with shoulder-length hair. You can choose disconnected ends to amplify the texture and volume of your style. Do a messy lob with a shadow, and you will see that you will have some advantages. For example, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your hair. In addition, you will still be able to enjoy the fun and carefree character this cut will give you.

57. Chopped bob with copper hues

With the choppy bob in copper hues, your haircut will be choppy. It will thus have an avant-garde air. To make it more lively, add jagged bangs and wear copper hues. Everything will be different.

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With the coppery shade, your hair will be shiny. However, it will be less so if you do not take good care of it. Therefore, you need to nourish your hair by giving it enough protein. It will help retain humidity to maintain the shine you enjoy. You will therefore need to identify the amount of porosity in the strands of hair to get an idea of ​​the right products. You can always seek professional advice.

58. Tousled bob with brown undertones

Brown is a stylish hair color. If you don’t like wild colors, choose brown for your hair. Create messy, natural layers to cool off.

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It is a natural hairstyle that is easily worn. It helps to lengthen the figure and becomes more interesting when it is tousled. It’s a cut loved by stars such as Nathalie Portman and Victoria Beckham. The tousled bob with brown undertones can therefore be worn with ombre locks. It’s a timeless fit. Professionals in the hairdressing world often recommend this cut.

59. Red with blonde highlights

The red cut with blonde highlights might be a perfect choice for women who love stylish hairstyles. Keep the inner layers red and add blonde highlights. It will simply be magnificent.

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This hairstyle has a very natural and sublime effect. So you can add blonde locks or balayage. It is necessary to choose the right tone for the red color you have opted for. If you have a fair complexion, choose a light blonde. You should choose darker blonde tones close to brown if you have a dark complexion. But to get the best from this cut, don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a hairstylist.

60. Curly diapers

You want to change the color of your hair for another. You also want to have a stylish look with your shoulder-length hair. Well, the haircut called curly layers might just be for you.

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From hairstyles and haircuts to hair color ideas, TheTrendyHairstyles has everything you need to ensure your locks are tip-top. If you are looking for a feminine haircut, rock this one. Layers can be curled. With the curly layers and the light tangerine color, this could be one of your most revolutionary looks.

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